About Us


Yoga for Every-Body

Come as you are.

Doing Yoga makes you flexible.

Yoga is ready for you, exactly as you are in this moment.


Belly Dance

Get in touch with your body through rhythm, joyous expression, and an upbeat practice that embraces all genders and body types.  


The Studio

The first Yoga studio in Twin Falls, Shimmy Shakti was built on the idea of authentic, approachable Yoga.  We believe that Yoga is for everyone and every-body.  Each one of our Professional Instructors began Yoga with little or no flexibility.  We have all been truly and profoundly affected by Yoga.


Russell Thompson: Regular Yoga Student

"After back surgery I lost most of my flexibility.  I started coming to Shimmy Shakti hoping to help my golf game.  I have received more than I had ever thought I would gain from Yoga.  Increased flexibility, peace of mind, relaxation, spiritual strength, and friendship.  I look forward to my Yoga session with Jenna every week.  I have met a lot of good happy people in the past 3 years.  Shimmy Shakti is a bright spot in my life." 

Wanda Daniel: Hip Side Out Belly Dance

"Jenna and Christina have been my instructors in Hot Pot ITS for over two years.  I have enjoyed every session I have had with them, they are full of hard work and encouragement.  They are very passionate and committed to dance.  Their knowledge in the technique and understanding of the ITS system make them incredible teachers.  They have helped me realize my potential as a dancer and for that I am eternally grateful. "

Amanda Barry: Pre-Natal Yoga Student

"Doing Prenatal Yoga with Suelin was a great experience!  It not only relieved the stress and tension pregnancy was causing on my body, it also helped me to relax and breathe through difficulties (something that has really come in handy as a mom!).  Before doing Yoga with Suelin I had always focused on getting the position right; looking like the instructor and other people in the class.  I didn't listen to my body or feel the stretches the way you're meant to. Suelin helped me focus more on how it FELT, rather than how it looked .  I was able to get so much more from the exercises!  I've carried what she taught me with me and continue to do Yoga at home, sometimes involving my kiddo as well."

Kat Bird: Pre-Natal & Therapeutic Yoga Student

"Every woman that is pregnant should take Suelin's classes!  Pre-natal Yoga was a spiritual, emotional and physical life-saver.  Each class had a solid base of what we needed as a whole as well as staying focused on our individual needs."


124 Main Ave. W Ste 201, Twin Falls, ID 83301, US